“I have always been able to work and take care of my family on my own. But at age 60, my health is failing and I am no longer physically able to work. I was absolutely hopeless not knowing how I was going to put food on the table for my teenage daughter and me. Compassion21 brought relief from an otherwise hopeless situation. - Alvin J.

The Compassion21 Food Cooperative was formed with the intent to serve anyone in need but to do so in a way that promotes dignity, participation, and ownership of the co-ops.Through the food co-op, we empower our members to become less dependent on ministry staff and become more dependent on one another. Everyone in the co-op has a responsibility and duty to make it successful. It is the peoples' Food Co_Opco-op; they choose their own leaders, conduct devotionals, sing and pray together, and prepare the food together. The entire operation rests within their own initiative; C21 simply provides the framework for what they do on their own.

The early results have been phenomenal. Relationships are being formed and our Lord is being exalted. People are showing great initiative and coming to realize all the different ways they have been gifted by God to serve one another. The co-op teaches service to one another rather than coming only to be served. It replaces the paradigm of this "me first" world, with the world that Jesus envisioned for His followers.

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