Searching for meaning? Ready for an adventure? Want to make a difference?

Join other students from around the country for an unforgettable ministry experience. You’ll be You Can Helptrained by our staff for effective urban ministry and you’ll learn first-hand some of the challenges facing our inner city community.

Join our staff for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

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What will I be doing?

You will be working alongside one of our full-time staff. You will have the opportunity to accomplish nearly everything our career missionaries do every day. This may include helping to plan/set up/lead our summer campaigns, leading Bible studies, and building relationships with the families in our community. You will experience hands-on ministry.

Will I receive training?

Absolutely! During ‘Orientation Week’ you will be introduced to the city and our neighborhood. You will learn about safety issues, public transportation, become familiarized with child abuse laws, discipline strategies and many other important things that will make your ministry safe, productive and rewarding.

Is it safe?

Safety and street smarts are among the foremost things we consider and take significant time during ‘Orientation Week’ to teach you. Our culture training will help you communicate effectively and will heighten your awareness to your surroundings. We have never had anyone on staff seriously hurt in 14 years of ministry. The key is, you are not likely to become a target if you follow the common sense principles we teach you.

Will I earn any money during my internship?

Yes, if you can secure your support or if you’re independently wealthy and have no such need for this income.

How much money do I need to raise for my internship?

That depends. Figure on 35 hours/week of work at $10/hour then multiply by the number of months you’ll be an intern with us. (For example, 35 hrs/wk x $10/hr = $350/wk x 12 wks (3 months) = $4200). You must have all money pledged by the time you arrive.

Checks should be made out to Compassion21, with a notation stating: for the ministry of (your name). Donations can also be made online using our website, just make sure your donor makes a comment with the notation.

Can I check to see how much support has come in?

Yes, once a month we’ll send an email with the name and amount received from each donor.

Where will I be living?

That depends. If you have family or friends in the Montgomery area and can arrange to stay with them it will reduce your living expenses. Otherwise we can advertise your need to local supporting churches or if several of you go in together a local rental or extended stay could provide for your needs.

Male interns can choose to stay in a house we maintain near downtown. You will have a roommate and utilities will be evenly divided by the number in the house. Space is limited so reserve your spot quickly.

May I bring my car?

Yes, you’ll need it getting around town. However, there will be times for community work that a ministry van will be available (for this you’ll have to be approved by our insurance).

How much time off can I take in the summer?

The summer is short and intense. Do not plan to take any time off beyond your regularly scheduled days. An exception may be possible for major family events, i.e., weddings or graduations. Prior approval from your supervisor is required for such occasions.

Is health insurance available through Compassion21?

No, we do not provide health insurance. When you arrive on site you will need to advise us if you are covered through your parents or under a school policy in case you need care while with us.

Will I have access to email?

Yes, the center will have a computer where you can retrieve and send emails.